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Discover 'The REAL Law of Traction':  A guide to creating quantum leaps in income, capacity, joy, and pleasure for 'high-achieving', 'success seeking' humans who happen to be entrepreneurs. 

Inside you'll learn:  

The 'secret' to creating energetic sovereignty  ::  Unhook from people and things that hold you back and no longer serve you.  BUT learn how to do it gracefully, and with minimal fallout.  (Eg.  clients, beliefs, stories, old goals, your job, your boss at your day job, your ex-partners, whomever! WHATEVER!)

Quantum Creation  ::  Break-through and out of the 'law of attraction', flip 'manifesting' on its head.  Create fast, ease-ful, matter where you currently are in your journey. 

The ONE thing you need to do to create long-term, scalable capacity within your business and personal life.  (Yes literally, it's the only thing you need).


I have a hunch you've done one or many of these things.....

  • You Expend MOST of your Energy in Service of Taking ACTION  ::  Vision?  You've got that for 10 years from now, but the near future is a bit...Blurry.  You're preoccupied with keeping your family/yourself fed, your bills covered, and your people paid.  Most of your goals are just 'better than last month, please and thank you'
  • You stopped setting clear goals or you never meet them when you do.  Admit it, goal setting just doesn't seem to work with you!  And it means you've stopped setting them, because you just never. got. to. where. you. said. you. would.  And that enough to make you want to throw in the towel somedays.

  • You're too focused on what you think you need, and aren't spending anytime in the what you want and your next level.  You feel guilty wanting what you want, because....

  • You're a human who longs for more equity for ALL, and the idea of making more money sometimes feels sticky because...Capitalism, The World Is Burning, Etc  ::  You've thought more than once, 'How dare I want when so many have so little'.  You're not a fan of patriarchal systems of money.  So don't want to play in that pool of icky, sticky, ego driven marketing.  But you also want to do your dream work in the world, too. AND more than just pay your bills but thrive. Oof!

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